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Regata logotipos_pensacola_y_surenos3.jpg
Regatta sailing ship yachts with white sails at opened sea. Aerial view of sailboat in win


The REGATA AL SOL XXX|| from Pensacola, Fl. to Isla Mujeres, Mexico; again offers the challenge for all eligible skippers and boats to race to the Yucatan for sun, fun & hospitality. 

The history of the Regata al Sol dates back to 1964, when Victor Schiro, Mayor of New Orleans decided to honor Mexico by commissioning a statue of Benito Juarez, President of Mexico in the 1860’s who defeated Emporer Maximilian of Austria and formed an alliance with the United States particularly with Louisiana and New Orleans.

Mr. Miguel Aleman Valdez and Mr. Jose de Jesus Lima Gutierrez were appointed by the President of Mexico, Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos, to assist on behalf of the Mexican Government in the Unveiling Ceremony of the Statue of Benito Juarez. Read more

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